Zero point energy wand tumor techniques can be helpful addressing a range of conditions associated with osteosarcoma. Each Iyashi Wand technique has a different effect and use. They include:

Clockwise circling. This is done at about three to four circles per second at about one-half inch away from the surface of the skin. Circling is very relaxing. It works well to soothe and relax, easing stiffness.

Crosshatching. Crosshatching entails moving your wand back and forth in a vertical direction across the area you are working on. Then moving back and forth in a horizontal direction, “drawing” little, invisible boxes. Crosshatching is very useful for stubborn blockages. It “stirs thing up.” Helpful for bone spurs or extremely dense swelling, especially on the ankles and the arms.  This technique is always followed by circling to gently relax.

Dipping. Dipping is a stimulating technique. Aiming the point of the wand at the skin, dip your wand in an in-out motion,  stopping at about one-half inch from the skin. Dipping is very simulating and goes very deep into the body. Dipping at the forehead and around the head will wake you up quickly on a groggy, sleepy morning, making you feel alive and able to get your day off to a good start. When working on the torso, or thicker areas of the body, dipping is an excellent technique for getting deep into the tissues.

Circle-Dipping. Circle-dipping consists of three or four circles followed by a dip that stops at about a one-half inch distance from the skin. This motion is used for soothing and stimulating at the same time.

Directional Dipping. Directional dipping is similar to the in-out motion of dipping, but as you near the skin, you push the energy, scooping it in the direction you want it to go. Directional dipping is used when energy is blocked and needs to be moved. This works very well when swelling, pain and congestion need to be dissipated. Sense where the energy has to go and direct it.

Always begin your wanding session with loving intent, knowing what you are trying to accomplish. Hold on to your intent firmly throughout the session. And always end a wanding session with peaceful circling.

The above techniques, depending on the size, density and location, can all be used for different aspects occurring with tumors. Intuitively select what needs to be done and keep an eye on your pet’s reactions.

Nikki felt the energy so strongly that sometimes one or two minutes was all he needed.

Before starting, you can always “Talk to Your Dog” through self-muscle testing, asking questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” answer, for example:

“Will zero point point energy be helpful for you?”

“Will a session be good for you at this time?”

“Will a session be good for you later in the day?”

You can also ask which zero point energy tumor wand technique your pet feels will work best for him or her at the particular time you are asking.


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