Nikki Full Face“Why would Nikki or any pet choose to leave the earth with bone cancer?” I asked my guides. “There are so many easier ways to go.”


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“It’s fast, for one thing,” was the reply.

“A massive heart attack or a massive stroke is a lot faster.”

“Yes, but they are shocking and would leave loved ones devastated. It was an act of love, a gift from Nikki to you and Aaron. He gave you a chance to get used to the idea that he would be moving on. Nikki has had long lives with you in the past and you were expecting that again. But when a soul fulfills it’s commitment to a particular lifetime, it is free to move on.”

I mentally reviewed all the videos I’d seen, all the stories I’d read of dogs with osteosarcoma while preparing All were deeply loving, passionate, hopeful accounts by their owners. Most of the dogs did very well for a while after amputation or other positive actions before a rapid downward spiral.

“What about the small percentage of dogs who make it through osteosarcoma?”

“They were always meant to make it. The dog and those caring for the dog opted for the learning experience.”


In this lifetime, Nikki and Aaron had been together in the womb. Born Geminis, they thought of themselves as one dog.  Throughout their life together, they would always confer with each other before doing anything, especially responding to my commands.

Total twin mentalities, as puppies, they would sit side-by-side, look at each other and silently ask, “Should we do it?” as I waited for some action. In fact, that’s how the word, “Now!” became emphatic in our household.

Moreover, Aaron is Nikki’s soul extension. Highly evolved souls can “give birth” to other souls on their own and those souls are able to incarnate as separate entities. So the boys are even more closely tied.

I’d always wondered how Nikki, Aaron’s and my relationship would evolve. I have the deepest love for Nikki, not just because he is the soul extension of the love of my life (who happens to be a soul extension of mine), but because he is the dearest, gentlest, most compassionate being I have ever known. His love flows through you the second you touch him.

I had secretly hoped he would outlive Aaron, while feeling guilty about the thought.

Aaron is a stalwart protector; he would give his life to protect me and Nikki. More roughly hewn than Nik, he’s a bit standoffish and growls when you try to give him a kiss or a hug. Still, Aaron needs the embrace. In former lives, he’s had abandonment issues.

In his last life with me, Aaron left before Nikki, and I wished I had had more special time to give him.

Guessing Nikki knows Aaron needs some extra loving and stepped away to give Aaron and me some bonding time. Knowing Nikki, I’m probably right on the money.

Well…it seems that I’m going to get both wishes fulfilled. My guides tell me that Nikki is taking a little freedom-from-a-body time. He will join Aaron soon; they’ll both share the same “skin.”

It’s obvious that Aaron already knows it. He has become very relaxed and more content feeling that Nikki is nearby. My guides also say Aaron’s personality will undergo some changes as the two souls animate the same vehicle.

I, too, feel Nikki around.

Having both boys back together again is an awesome thought.


Nikki and Aaron Sitting Together


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