Dr. William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.

I can truthfully say that I have cured or healed myself of cancer (malignancy) and I can cure myself again if it ever becomes necessary…

In the old adage, “Physician, heal thyself!” two things stand out to me. One is, if a physician can’t heal himself, how can he heal others? The other involves the true meaning of cure…

It is important that a person understand that only he can cure himself of anything! It is the individual and his body chemistry that cure him of disease. In doing this, he must take note that he is physical, structural, mental, and spiritual, and that each facet plays a part in his cure. Dr. William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. William Donald Kelley (1925 – 2005), a dentist by training, author of One Answer to Cancer*, developed a complex approach to treating many chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancer. Over a twenty-five year period, his Nutritional-Metabolic program employed three main elements: nutrition, detoxification, and pancreatic enzyme supplements.

Kelley had cancer, himself, for more than three years before he realized it. At the height of his cancer, he was given about two months to live. By the time cancer is diagnosed, he says, most individuals have had it for a very long time. He lists his warnings in the order in which they occurred, sometimes with months between the additions of each new symptom:

  • Belching a little gas from time to time that turned to excessive farting
  • Diminished vision.
  • Muscle aches, particularly back muscles, resulting from sitting in one position for more than 20 minutes.
  • Chest muscle pain that sent him to the doctor for an electrocardiogram that showed no heart problems.
  • Hair loss. What hair was left quickly became gray, lifeless, brittle, and coarse.
  • A hernia, something which is typical in a person with cancer, since malignancy is accompanied by muscle deterioration.
  • Severe depression. As cancer progresses,” he educates, “it gives off a toxin that makes one extremely depressed, and there is a feeling of impending death a good part of the time. Gradually, during the entire three years of early cancer growth in my body, I became weaker and weaker. By this time, I knew something very tragic was taking place, but I didn’t know what, and still didn’t have any suspicion that it might be cancer.

“My job, the work I loved so very much, became distasteful. I wanted to give it up and start a new profession – anything to attempt regaining an interest in life. After all the many years of college training for a job I loved to do, I was seriously contemplating junking it all. After eight years of clinical practice and research, I found myself ready to throw in the towel. It was a terrible feeling to be so sick and not be able to understand why or put a name on it. My thinking became fuzzy, unclear and irrational.”

At this time Kelley was feeling so badly he went back to his doctor. Tests were run. Cancer was confirmed. Surgery was ruled out because his surgeon didn’t think Kelley would make it off the operating table alive. His wife was told to get their affairs in order. Kelley was going to die.

The cancer diagnosis hit Kelley hard since he knew too much about the conventional treatment of cancer. He had spent two and a half years with the military medics and fourteen years working his way through college in hospitals “doing everything from running electrocardiograms to assisting in surgery – viewing firsthand the complete gamut of medical practices and witnessing the tragic decline and ultimate death of hundreds of hopeless cancer victims.”

So, now knowing what the problem was, Kelley took things into his own hands.

He started to regulate his diet, “My life hung in such a delicate balance (another blessing), that I could feel very clearly the effect of each food I ingested. If I ate wrong foods, I could very easily tell it by the way I felt.”

He came to understand that one of the basic laws of cancer is that improper foods cause cancer to grow while proper foods allow the body’s natural defenses to absorb the cancer a little. This is one reason why some can live a long time with cancer and others die very quickly. And the reason why you should be very careful about what you feed your dog with bone cancer

Read labels. Even the canned and kibbled foods, purchased from the veterinarian, is loaded with chemicals. Best yet, you will start cooking for your dog. With luck, you might even be able to share the same dinner.

Brilliant mind that he was, Kelley worked out the relationship of enzymes, minerals, and co-enzymes, as well as the proper detoxification procedures.

At the start of his program, Kelley was exceedingly depressed. He had a constant feeling of impending death and became totally wrung out with the slightest exertion.

He writes, “The cancer had eaten into the nerve connections to my heart, causing rapid pulse rates and irregular beating. My cancerous pancreas was so damaged and enlarged that I had hypoglycemia and was going into insulin shock several times a day. My liver also was cancerous and enlarged. I could not eat much, as I was so nauseated. My intestines were so laden with cancer that I was in constant pain. I will have scars for a long time to come.”

After figuring out his comprehensive nutritional support program, Kelley thought everything would be all down hill and he would easily recover. But he quickly found that getting better can be more difficult that the actual disease. His job now was twofold: destroy the cancer and rebuild a badly damaged body.

He tried to obliterate the cancer as fast as he could, but the toxic poisons that resulted from the rapid tumor breakdown made him very sick. He had to learn how to balance the dissolution of the tumor with his body’s detoxification process. When he did it right, he would feel sick, but not violently ill.

After the cancer stopped growing, his body absorbed the cancer for eight months, overloading his blood and liver with poisons. During this time, he was constantly sick, mentally depressed, and craving the junk food he would have to give up forever.

As “goopy” sick feelings started to recede, there was the occasional good day when he felt wonderful, followed by several bad, “goopy” sick days again. The pendulum swung to such extremes that the bad days seemed much worse than they really were and Kelley came to realize how deathly sick he had been.

As Kelley began to have more good days than bad, extreme muscle cramps started. They continued for at least nine months while his body rebuilt the muscle protein that had been drained from his tissues during the early stages of his cancer. He describes the cramps as being like “severe growing pains one might have experienced as a child or youth.”

But in the end, his “incurable” cancer was cured. Still, it took another five years before the damage was resolved and Kelley was pain free and really feeling good.

With years of precious, productive living ahead of him, he sought to help others with his  Metabolic Medicine.

NikkisStory.com includes a comprehensive holistic approach for dogs with osteosarcoma: including detoxification, the pancreatic enzyme treatment Kelley advocated, immune builders, nutritional support, flaxseed oil as offered in the Budwig Diet, emotional and spiritual help with Bach Remedies and The Emotion Code, Energy Medicine, and more.

The very interesting video below, presented by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez will give you an idea of the meticulous, scientific persona of Dr. Kelly and how he adapted his approach to each patient. To me, it underlines the fact, that when we are looking to balance our treatment supplements and programs for our dogs with osteosarcoma, that we should stay open and ask our dogs via kinesiology what treatment is best for them. What individual supplement is best for them, right down to the time of day when that particular supplement should be given.



*Click here to download Kelley’s One Answer to Cancer.

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