Aunt Leslie "Talking" to Aaron

Aunt Leslie "Talking" to Aaron

Self muscle testing techniques provide an easy and efficient way to talk to your K9 OSA dog and determine a simple “yes” or a “no” answer to a question. The process bypasses your dog’s, and your, conscious mind and biased thoughts to get to the “truth” that is inherent in your subconscious energy. Many refer to the method as “asking your body.”

You can “ask your body” (your subconscious, really) personal questions, like should you wear a certain suit, keep a certain appointment, take a certain nutritional supplement?You can even find out if a particular supplement is good for you on a certain day and if it’s better for you at a certain time of the day.

You can find out if your child should take a particular course in school, right down to finding out which teacher is best for your child for that particular course. You can ascertain the optimal time for your child to do his or her homework to produce the best, most comfortable, most efficient outcome.

And you can even “ask your body” questions as proxy for your dog, what would be the best treatment, supplements, vets, and how to handle his or her osteosarcoma.

The most popular and probably the easiest method to self-test is the Sway Test. Simply ask your body to give you a response to the word “yes.” Some bodies will sway forward as if it is reaching for something. Some with do just the opposite and sway backward as if to pull something toward it. Some people will change polarity and have to ask their body for a “yes” each time they start a session. Still others will have a totally personal movement.

So the only way to find out your “yes” is to simply ask your body.

To do the Sway Test stand, feet about shoulder-width apart, comfortably in contact with the floor. Now ask, “Body, please give me a yes.”

Once you’ve established your yes, ask your body for a “no” response. Whatever your response is, even if it is totally quirky, it’s your response and you and your body have set up your line of communication.

There are several other methods of determining a yes or no response.


The Ring Method

Take your thumb and either your middle, ring or pinky finger and make an “O.”
Avoid using your index finger because it is stronger than the others and offers more resistance.


Make and "O" with your thumb and either middle, ring, or pinky finger.

Now place the index finger of your opposite hand into the ring.

Place the index finger of your opposite hand into the ring.

Say “yes” while applying a comfortable pressure to see if the ring gives way easily. It doesn’t In this technique, the rules are set, since your muscles become stronger with positive thoughts, truth and congruency. Now say “no.” Apply the same amount of pressure and you’ll find your muscles automatically weaken and your index finger easily slips through the ring.

With "no," your index finger slips through the ring.


Since I’m a multi-tasker and work with people and their pets over the phone, acting as proxy for their pets to release trapped emotions, I use a method that is rarely used. It’s what I call the Ball of Lint Method.

I make the same “O” with my fingers, but this time I use my thumb and index fingers. I pretend there is a microscopic piece of lint between my fingertips, circling my fingertips against each other, trying to wad up the invisible. As I do this, I say, “yes, yes, yes”…  All the while my fingers continue moving. Then I say, “no” and my fingers automatically come to an abrupt halt.

It may take a little practice. But if you resonate with the method, just spend time during the day, saying “yes, yes, yes….no, no….yes…” until you and your fingers are in tune with the technique.

I also like this method because it’s inconspicuous. Swaying in public can be pretty embarrassing, especially if you occasionally get an extreme reaction. I’ve almost fallen off my feet at times.

You can get even more subtle with this technique by just mentally asking a question and getting your answer. If browsing the supplement aisle, you can just look at a supplement and your fingers will give you your answer.

In case you’re a little confused about the techniques, a very entertaining lady takes you through her version of the Sway Test and two-hand “O” Technique in the video below



So these three self muscle testing techniques will get you started self-testing. The methods are not only fun, they are amazingly accurate. Asking your subconscious will help you, with your dog’s help and consent, to set up treatment for his or her canine osteosarcoma (K9 OSA). This is how I was able to find out about Nikki’s past life traumas to release trapped emotions and we were able to reduce his tumor in days.



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