Subconscious Mind vs Conscious MindReleasing trapped emotions from your best friend can ease the stresses of  canine osteosarcoma as well as help to treat the disease itself.

Moreover, once the trapped emotions are released, your dog’s quality of life can take a radical turn for the better.

Dealing with, and treating canine osteosarcoma (K9 OSA), is traumatic for you and your dog from the day of diagnosis on.

But beyond that, there are underlying emotions which have been trapped in your dog’s “energy” field that can, and most probably have, contributed to the formation of the osteosarcoma in the first place.

So what are trapped emotions?

To understand the concept of trapped emotions, one has to understand that energy is the true nature of our existence. In reality, we are made up of energy and everything around us: our dog, the walls of the buildings in which we are living, the chairs on which we are sitting, is energy.

Kirlian photography, the photography of the energy of living things, presses home the point that all living things have energy fields. Many systems of healing throughout the ages have worked with “the energetic body.”

Sometimes called Prana, Qi, Chi, or the Etheric Double, the energetic body is seen as the template for the physical body. When the energetic body becomes imbalanced, the physical body reflects that imbalance. Healing modalities, such as acupuncture reflect the fact that when the body’s energy is out of sorts, the body is too.

People who are able to see auras, can see color changes in the energetic body as a concert of light when different emotions are experienced. Interestingly, emotions can be felt so profoundly in times of stress that they can become “stuck” in the energy body to distort the flow of  energy,  causing imbalances that result in physical, emotional, and mental dis-eases.

As trapped emotions are treated and brought to the surface of the energy body to be released, sensitives can actually feel these emotions as “balls.” Trapped emotions are literally balls of energy about the size of a grapefruit.

The concepts and the methods for removing trapped emotions are very clearly described in Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book The Emotion Code.

In it, he explains that in order to understand, and be able to remove, trapped emotions, we need to understand the Conscious Mind versus the Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind is very limited. It holds about 10% of our intelligence. But the Subconscious Mind, the mind of which we are unaware, holds the other 90%.

Your Subconscious Mind contains the sum total of everything you have ever experienced: felt, heard, seen, smelled, touched… It is the intelligence of everything you have ever experienced in this life and prior to being born. And if you believe in reincarnation, the Subconscious holds the intelligence of all the lives you have ever lived and beyond. And while we may not be consciously aware of the fact that we have trapped emotions, our subconscious is.

As illustrated in the Self Muscle Testing Techniques post, we have seen that our bodies can behave as lie detectors, reflecting the knowledge of our Subconscious Minds. They innately gauge the difference between what is true and what is false. A body knows what it needs to thrive and what will be harmful to its survival. And it can tell us everything that is out of order and reveal how to correct it. This is why the yes-no self muscle testing techniques work so well.

To carry this a step further, your Individual Subconscious exists in a Greater Sea of Information which we all can access. This is why you can get a yes-no answer from entities other than yourself. This is why you can “talk” to your dog and get answers to help deal with, and treat, his or her K9 osteosarcoma. We are all connected through a Vast Ocean of Subconscious Mind.

With this knowledge, you can learn to release trapped emotions from yourself, from your friends (with their permission), and from your dog to help treat his or her osteosarcoma by simply “tuning in” to their subconscious with one of the yes-no techniques described in the Self Muscle Testing Techniques post and asking the yes-no questions which will lead you to the information you need to help your best friend.



The above concepts are included in The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. However, while he considers ancestral trapped emotions that have been passed down generation after generation, and emotions trapped in utero as well at the moment of conception, nothing is mentioned about reincarnation.

I, personally, have found past lives to be a prime factor relative to trapped emotions, especially in treating Nikki’s canine osteosarcoma. There is no doubt that canine osteosarcoma can encompass trapped emotions, that, when treated and released, can help with healing.


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