Jay Gutierrez founder and CEO of Night Hawk Minerals

Jay Gutierrez founder and CEO of Night Hawk Minerals

Please consider, researching on your own, and reviewing radiation hormesis as part of your dog’s osteosarcoma treatment. I am convinced that had Nikki started early on with this therapy we would have gotten much better results overall, but it was late into his disease when we discovered that low level radiation stones exist.

Can a Stone Kill Cancer?

“Yes,” says Native American Medicine Man Jay Gutierrez, “Stones emitting low level natural radiation can kill cancer.” Gutierrez, published in “The Townsend Newsletter,” backs up his twenty year involvement with research and case studies, including a brain cancer that disappeared in three and a half months.

Unbelievable as it sounds, drinking water irradiated by “a stone” or taping one over a tumor, can see cancers completely vanish. The process is called radiation hormesis.

Derived from the Greek word “to excite,” the hypothesis originated with the nineteenth century cellular pathology studies of Virchow. It states that low-level stress, like ionizing radiation, stimulates protective biological processes at the cellular, molecular, and organic levels to decrease cancer incidence and other detrimental health effects.

Extensive scientific data includes biochemist University of Missouri Professor  T.D. Luckey’s Hormesis with Ionizing Radiation (1980, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL). It covers over 1200 experiments dating back to the turn of the century.

Findings are: the effects of modest radiation increases on viruses and bacteria through plants and animals up to vertebrates, above the natural background, result in healthier, longer life spans, fewer illnesses, faster recovery, and more offspring, of which more offspring survive.

“This kind of healing has been going on for thousands of years, instructs Gutierrez. “In the U.S, it was used in the 1910s through the 40s with great success. But due to abuse and after Nagasaki and Hiroshima, we became radiaphobic.”

What’s the difference between X-ray radiation, microwave radiation, cell phone radiation and the stones?

“When you’re talking about man-made and natural radiation, you are talking about two different things,” says Jay. “The natural stones give off all the rays: alpha, beta, and gamma and are completely harmless.”

Gutierrez travels the country, educating doctors and their patients on the use of this safe, non-invasive method for healing the body. Astonishingly, the stones have also reversed cataracts, knocked out systemic candida and fungus, relieved arthritis pain, helped patients with MS, and include the diseases associated with aging.

Jay feels we are all simply starving for radiation.



More information can be found at http://radiationhormesis.com and http://nighthawkminerals.com

I have mentioned elsewhere on Nikki’s Story that I have no financial affiliation with Night Hawk Minerals.  I base my recommendation on the use of low level radiation stones, i.e., radiation hormesis treatment for canine osteosarcoma, solely on the fact that Nikki’s tumor went from the size of a small beach ball to that of a tennis ball in a very short time after we began using the stones. And I have found that since drinking water irradiated by the stones, my own seasonal allergies have dropped to zero.


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