Dr. James Gordon,* of the Georgetown University School of Medicine, former NIH adviser, and former Chairman of the White House Commission on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Policy offers interesting viewpoints on Enzyme Therapy and the work of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez** in his role as cancer guide for his patients.

When asked in an interview with Dr. Kevin Soden,*** on the program Whole Body Health, if he advised many of his patients against chemotherapy, he responded, “My function with my patients is to be a cancer guide and a cancer guide works with people with cancer and their families to help them look at all the alternatives, to help them look at the scientific evidence for and against each approach, and then to look inside and consult with their families and decide what makes sense to them at this moment.”

Dr. Soden: “One of the things we saw Dr. Gonzalez advocate was supplements and I was struck by the sheer number of supplements. Is this something that’s commonly accepted?”

Dr. Gordon: “Nick Gonzalez’s program is a formidable program and it’s not for everyone. And yet, there are people who are drawn to it, who see it potentially as a lifesaver, certainly a life “prolonger,” and for them the amount of supplements is a bit of a nuisance, or maybe sometimes more than a bit of a nuisance, but it’s the price they pay for living as Rafaella did for many years.”

Dr. Soden: “He also talked about diet and about the vegetarian type diet. Is this essential for cancer treatment?”

Dr. Gordon: “I think it’s not clear what’s essential. The standard text on diet and cancer by Doll and Peto says that 40 – 70% of all cancer is at least, in some degree, related to diet. We are just at the beginning of understanding how diet may affect the course of cancer.”

Dr. Soden: “How about the coffee enemas? Is this a conventional treatment?”

Dr. Gordon: “It used to be conventional. Apparently, it was in the Merck Manual, the summary bible of medical care, up until the 1940’s. But it’s certainly not a part of conventional medicine. Incidentally, I don’t know that anyone has done a major research study on coffee enemas, so the scientific evidence is not there. But whether Nick’s approach prolongs people’s lives significantly, that’s important data for us to have.”

Dr. Soden: “But we need good studies one way or another….”

Dr. Gorden: “Absolutely…”

Dr. Soden: “…and they’re not there, right? There’s no evidence to support either approach.”

Dr. Gorden: “What he’s done, is he’s had a best case series which was published in a peer review journal on people who have had pancreatic cancer, showing a very significant extension of their lives through his regimen which is what allowed him to get the grant from NIH and the National Cancer Institute.”

Dr. Soden: “Let’s talk about one of the controversial things, and that’s pancreatic enzymes, the idea that enzymes from a pig can make a difference on someone. Is this really important?”

Dr. Gordon: “Frankly, I don’t know the answer to your question. The issue is, is it something that should be studied? I think so in the light of these stories, these anecdotes of these patients that have lived a long time. We have a responsibility to investigate it.”

Dr. Soden: “We tried to talk to various cancer specialists about Dr. Gonzalez’s work, but a lot of people said, ‘I don’t want to talk about it.” They declined to even discuss it and…Why is that?”

Dr. Gordon: “You tell me, why did they decline to discuss it? What did they say?”

Dr. Soden: “They said, ‘I’d rather not be interviewed. I rather not talk about that subject.’ I just found that unusual because in all the time that I’ve gone out to do stories about different things, I’ve never has such resistance.”

Dr. Gordon: “Alternative cancer therapies are really ….ah… lightning rods because so many people have promised so many things and many of those have turned out to be false promises. And that’s true in the alternative world, and it’s true in the conventional world as well. So everyone, I think, is very anxious about going out on a limb, particularly for someone who is so far outside the conventional consensus.”

Dr. Soden: “Dr. Gordon, thank you very much for a very helpful perspective on all these different things.”

Dr. Gordon: “Thank you.”



*Who is Dr. James Gordon?

**Who is Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez?

***Who is Dr. Kevin Soden?

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