Dr. Laurel Williams

Current research is underway at the NC State VTH for dogs with bone cancer. Owners or veterinarians interested in either of the two studies can call the study coordinator.

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YouTube - Wanding Techniques- Get the most use out of your zero point energy wand

Zero point energy wand techniques can be helpful addressing tumors. Each technique has a different effect and use.

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Make and "O" with your thumb and either middle, ring, or pinky finger.

Muscle testing bypasses your conscious mind and biased thoughts to get to the “truth” that is inherent in your subconscious energy. It is an empowering way to get a clear direction for you and your dog’s bone cancer treatment.

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Weird Stats

Take these numbers with a grain of salt especially if you’ve added in alternative therapies.

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Nikki's Buddy Samba Takes a Tonation

When your pet is given radiation treatments for osteosarcoma, radiation burns can be avoided with colored light therapy.

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Four-month-old Nikki in his last life

Bonus Chapter in Nikki’s Story tells how we removed squamous cell cancer tumors, at home, from Nikki’s toes in his last life.

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Question Mark

Could canine osteosarcoma misdiagnosis include a fungal infection as well as dog bone cancers: chondrosarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or synovial cell sarcoma?

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Nikki Full Face

Why Nikki chose osteosarcoma. While I was making decisions about his treatment, he was making decisions too.

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YouTube - Bisphosphonates Canine Cancer Amputation Alternatives_1306810263914

Bisphosphonates, a group of drugs that reduce bone destruction, may be an alternative to canine osteosarcoma (dog bone cancer) amputations. Bisphosphonates inhibit bone resorption without inhibiting the process of bone mineralization and may prevent or delay metastatic disease.

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Canine Osteosarcoma Common Amputation Complications_1306729332441

Issues can arise during, and post, amputation surgery. Most are easily remedied. Some may require a second surgery. And one rare complication, for those who have had cancer for a while, is dire.

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