Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional HealingIt is very important to add emotional healing to your dog’s osteosarcoma (K9 OSA) treatment. Not only will it help him or her to maintain/develop a positive and proactive spirit for healing, but it will improve your pet’s quality of life. The Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs does just this.

Anger, resentment, fear all create an acidic environment in which cancer thrives. We want to keep our best friend in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded with love.

Nikki harbored anger toward himself that went back at least 43 lives. He faulted himself for not taking action in a situation; he froze in place instead. When we uncovered that anger using The Emotion Code and Nik allowed me to release it, we really saw his tumor come down in a matter of days.

Along with The Emotion Code, The Bach Flower Remedies® are another great asset. A safe, natural method of healing, they gently restore the mind-body balance by calming negative emotions like fear, worry, and indecision which are bound to crop up when your dog has been diagnosed with canine osteosarcoma. By bringing a peaceful and happy attitude to your best friend, The Bach Flower Remedies® allow the body to be free to heal itself.

There are 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Bach which are directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. The original remedies are all preserved in alcohol and can be used for people as well as pets as the doses are very minimal. But some of the remedies have been more recently, especially preserved, in glycerin for pets.

Note: The extracts are fine, but it is advised against giving pets the pastilles.




Pet Versions of the Bach Flower Remedies.


When your dog has vague fears that can’t be account for or when he or she appears agitated for no apparent reason, Aspen offers a feeling of security and fearlessness to face challenges more easily

Bach Remedies Calm Aggressive Dogs

Beech will balance a dog’s intolerance of other animals, people, and situations to become more accepting.

Cherry Plum calms a dog that appears to have lost self-control, as in aggressively scratching him or herself.

If your dog doesn’t learn from his or her past mistakes and repeats unsuccessful behavioral patterns, Chestnut Bud encourages a dog to learn and move on.

Chicory will take a possessive, territorial, controlling, manipulatively loving dog to more unselfish, self-assured, loving place.

If your dog shows no interest in the world, sleeps all the time, is inattentive, and seems to live  in a dream world, Clematis will allow him or her to be come more interested in the world outside themselves and begin to enjoy and participate in life.

If your pet is obsessive and excessively grooms him or herself, and may even possess skin rashes, Crab Apple tends to  relax, and allow your dog to accept his or herself, along with any “imperfections.” Crab apple has a cleansing effect.

Elm restores confidence, a positive outlook and coping abilities to your dog when he or she feels temporarily overwhelmed by responsibility, as in a mother abandoning her litter.

Gentian confirs optimism when your dog feels down due to a setback. This could be relative to his or her therapy or treatment or simply not going for a walk as usual. (He or she may also need Honeysuckle.)

Heather soothes a constant barker that needs to be the center of attention and needs constant companionship.

Holly mollifies an angry, growling, snapping dog who is jealous of other animals or possibly a new baby in the home to become a dog that is more willing to share.

An unhappy attachment to someone or something, such as a dog who has lost his or her owner or home can become more self-assured and adjust more readily with Honeysuckle. (He or she may also need Walnut.)

Hornbeam restores the spontaneous, enthusiastic get-up-and-go to a dog who is initially lethargic, but once he or she gets with it, is fully involved in the activity or game. (Wild Rose may also be needed.)

Impatiens, on the other hand, offers patience to a dog with boundless energy, one who pushes ahead of you or can’t wait to go for a walk.

Larch boosts self-esteem, confidence, and determination in dogs who avoid situations in which they have to perform.

Fear of LightningMimulus makes a shy, fearful (afraid of lightening, visits to the vet), quivering dog more confident and courageous so he or she can enjoy life without fear

Olive helps to restore strength and vitality to an exhausted dog (possibly due to overwork: racing, competitive events or shows) and may help in times of illness.

Rock Rosebolsters courage and calms a trembling, cowering, panic-stricken dog.

Scleranthus helps a dog who can’t seem to make up his or her mind become more a decisive, balanced animal and less erratic in behavior.

Star of Bethlehemneutralizes the effects of shock or trauma in dogs that may have been abused or mistreated in the past.

Vervain calms and relaxes a over-enthusiastic, high strung, always-wanting-to-be-in the-thick-of-things personality type

Vine curbs the domineering dog who looks to be dominant even over his or her own people, allowing determination but not dominance.

Walnut helps to balance change so your dog can ease into new surroundings or situations.

Water Violet will make your standoffish dog more sociable and receptive to petting and hugs.

Wild Oat restores ambition and sense of purpose for a dog whose lifestyle may change radically, like retiring from work status or show dog. (Walnut may also be needed.)

A submissive and disinterested dog with a lack of enthusiasm and energy should perk up quickly with Wild Rose.

And make sure you have Rescue Remedy® on hand, especially if you have a dog with K9 OSA. It is one of the most popular of the Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs. It has an immediately calming effect. Perfect for osteosarcoma in dogs and stressful situations like: vet visits, being left alone (as in hospital), adapting to new surroundings, fear of loud noises, excessive barking…




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