caduceusNeoplasene Canine Osteosarcoma Case Study:

Cayce McCabe, a female Irish Wolfhound, born 1998 fractured her right leg at the distal radius/ulna, on November 11, 2005. In early February 2006, the fracture was diagnosed by radiograph as being an osteosarcoma (no biopsy has been done). The only conventional therapy employed at that time was an antibiotic treatment for a period of approximately six weeks in case of osteomyleitis. Treatment has also included goldenseal poultices, low level laser therapy, antioxidants, and homeopathic remedies: Symphytum, Hecla lava, Silicea, and Scirrhinum. Neoplasene was added to the poultice in the beginning of February and oral neoplasene was added in late February, a dose of two milligrams per pound was given twice daily.

She has done very well with the treatment. Her lameness is evident only if she overuses her leg trying to play. She has stayed active and energetic, and has a good appetite. At over five months from her original fracture, her chest x-rays do not indicate metastasis. The average survival a dog with osteosarcoma with limb amputation alone is only four to five months. Cayce McCabe has already surpassed this without amputation or mainstream chemotherapy. (note: there was no update or follow up on this neoplasene canine osteosarcoma case study in this pdf)

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