Counterfeit Frontline Indicators

Counterfeit Frontline Indicators

The uphill battle to keep our pets safe never ends. Counterfeit pesticide products for the top two spot-on brands Frontline and Advantage for dogs and cats are in the news again. And the FDA is examining the strong possibility of bogus oral heart worm and oral flea and tick prevention products as well.

However, if your dog has canine osteosarcoma, bone cancer, or any type of cancer, this alert should not directly concern you or your best friend, since you should not be using any type of popular spot-ons. Even approved spot-ons contain immune suppressing toxins that increase cancer risk in healthy pets since these poisons accumulate in your pet’s system.

That being said, counterfeiting pet prescription products and pesticides is not a new issue. In 2004, the EPA issued a warning to U.S. retailers, imposing fines for selling counterfeit Frontline and Advantage. But the recent influx of fakes has an immediate, lethal twist in which healthy pets are dying within 72 hours after using the online bogus products. Even an emergency rush to the vet won’t save your precious pet.


Lethal Look-alikes and Central Nervous System Damage.
Central nervous system damage may be the underlying factor in pet deaths relating to the counterfeit pesticide products. Most spot-ons kill fleas and ticks by damaging their central nervous system. Bump up the efficacy of the ingredients and the nervous systems of mammals (dogs, cats, weak older people, children), fish and reptiles can also be destroyed or damaged by the same component. Fipronil, for instance, is a light-sensitive, active ingredient in Frontline. When exposed to light, fipronil photo-degenerates, breaking down into fipronil-desulfinyl, a smaller molecule, that is 10 times or more toxic than fipronil.


Tight Consumer Budgets.
The poor economy and tighter pet budgets factor into the increase in the re-emerging fakes. Trying to save money and take care of their pets at the same time, pet owners will get prescriptions for heart worm preventatives, like Sentinel, Heartguard, and Interceptor, from their vets and look to online distributors for savings.

Rather than looking for prescriptive, highly toxic pesticides, natural, non-toxic methods can work as well as providing you with peace of mind knowing you are keeping your pet safe. Products like diatomaceous earth, cedar derived pesticides, and others are available. Learn more about safe pesticide options, the dangers of approved spot-ons, and about eliminating environmental toxins in your pets life, particularly if your dog has K9 Osteosarcoma.


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