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Immerse Leafy Greens in Water

It’s safer to buy certified organic produce, especially if your dog has osteosarcoma or is immune compromised, but if organics are difficult to find or a bit pricey for your pocketbook, regular supermarket fare can be soaked in this inexpensive homemade solution to remove the toxins.

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Dr. Johanna Budwig

“I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won’t listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won’t do it, so I’m blackballed in every country.”

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whats in dogfood

When reviewing labels on most commercial pet foods, you don’t have to look too far to question why your pet has a degenerative or immune related disease like dog bone cancer and canine osteosarcoma (K9 OSA).

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