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Trapped Emotion “energy ball” disrupts the body’s energy field. From Dr. Bradley Nelson’s 2010 Body Code Seminar Video

When one thinks of Canine Osteosarcoma, a form of dog bone cancer, a very physical condition comes to mind. Nothing seems more concrete in the body than bone. So the first thing one thinks of is: how can we repair the physical body?

What medical procedure will cure this disease? Are there nutritional supplements to counter the underlying causes?

While addressing the physical issues is of prime importance, we’ve come to realize that human as well as animal cancers are the result of more than physical issues. We comprehend a mind-body connection that relates to all physical diseases. And beyond this, there is a mind-body-emotional link.

We have come to understand that cancers are the result of mental, emotional and physical forces that can culminate in disease. Cancer is one of the most frightening, osteosarcoma being one of the most aggressive.


We are Energy

We have also come to know our physical bodies as energy. If you can picture viewing your physical body under the most powerful microscope imaginable, you will find it reveals your physical self as made up of atoms. Atoms are energy.

Our physical body is the densest of our energies. Beyond the physical, we have lighter and lighter bodies.

Interpenetrating our physical bodies are, among others, our mental and emotional bodies. The body closest to the physical is known as the etheric double. It is considered the template for the physical body.

Each thought has its own energy which can be measured electronically. And each emotion has its own vibration and color which is also electronically measurable. The emotion of abandonment, for instance, has a frequency that is very different from the feeling of joy.


Trapped Emotions

Generally, emotions are felt and immediately processed, keeping a clear energy flow through and around the body. But sometimes, an emotion can felt so strongly that it may become lodged in the body’s energy field to disrupt the physical energy flow. This can happen at any time.

The emotion can be one of sadness, fear, or another emotion we know that can negatively impact our physicality. But, interestingly, any overwhelming emotion, even an intense feeling of joy, can be so powerful that it, too, can become trapped within the physical energy field to alter a smooth flow.

Trapped emotions, whatever the cause, distort the normal energy field to create imbalances in the body. They can create physical, mental and emotional damage.

Trapped emotions can result in physical pain, intermittent or constant emotional distress, fear, physical congestion, allergies, self-sabotage, various problems with the physical organs, and more.

Trapped Emotions can contribute to, or be, the underlying factor in actual diseases like cancer.

Most of us know someone who can see the lighter bodies, or auras, that surround and interpenetrate the physical body. While some can see color changes as the emotional energies surrounding the body, we all can sense emotional energies in our environment.

We can feel when someone is angry or sad or depressed or happy just by the way they make us feel by their “vibes.”

Just as there are those who can see color emanations, there are people who can actually feel trapped emotions. They describe them as balls of energy, usually about the size of an orange, or a grapefruit, or cantaloupe. These energy balls, when lodged in an individual’s energy field create a very real imbalance in the body.

As individuals, our Subconscious Mind has perceived and recorded, much like a computer, every second of our lives from the time of conception to date and even before. It knows all the details, even those your conscious awareness didn’t note at the time. It is aware of all our intense emotions, when they occurred and if they have been trapped


Inherited Trapped Emotions

Moreover, we can be carrying around the Trapped Emotions of one, or both, of our parents or ancestors, balls of energy that were transferred to us at the time of conception. We may even still be reacting to a trapped emotion from one of our former lives.


Released Trapped Emotions

These Trapped Emotions can be located and released. The results can be instantly apparent. Pain can be relieved; diseases reversed, physical, mental and emotional discomforts eased and tumors have been known to diminish and even disappear.

The video below will give you a brief introduction to trapped emotions. The concept and technique is documented in the amazing self-help book The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.



Once the Trapped Emotion of Self-Anger that Nikki had been carrying around for forty-three lives, was released, his tumor began to recede.

The release worked on many levels. My guides have told me that Nikki is a highly evolved soul and has been preparing to be reborn as a human boy. There are many reasons for his taking on osteosarcoma. One reason was to help break a negative pattern he has carried for many, many lifetimes and free him for his future incarnation.


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