60 Trapped Emotions Listed

The 60 Key Emotions, according to Dr. Bradley Nelson, that can become lodged in the body’s energy flow to cause imbalances in the body that lead to disease.

Trapped emotions are energies that can influence health to the point of initiating a disease as terrifying as canine osteosarcoma.

Releasing trapped emotions can create a profound affect in the treatment of canine osteosarcoma, freeing the body to heal itself in whatever context the body accepts that healing.

We all recognize the power of emotions and how they affect us. When we feel on top of the world, we literally glow and our health gets a boost. When we are down, aches and pains come to the fore.


Unconscious Emotions

Beyond this conscious awareness, there are emotions most of us are carrying around as baggage that, in all probability, we may not realize exists. These are the emotions that are “stuck” in our body’s energy field. These trapped emotions cause imbalances in the physical body and have been indicted as an underlying factor in serious, and even life-threatening diseases like dog bone cancer.

Until now, we, as individuals, have not had a way of cleanly accessing and clearing these emotions simply and directly without having to consciously and laboriously ferret out the emotions and “work through” them, a process which can take a lifetime, or many lifetimes, to accomplish with conventional psychotherapy. A process that would be impossible for a pet.

Now, thanks to Dr. Bradley Nelson and the Emotion Code concept, new light has been cast on releasing trapped emotions. He has shown us that we can bypass the Conscious Mind to directly target these energies via the Subconscious, and rapidly release them without having to consciously recognize, or “work through,” each individual feeling.

This is accomplished with Kinesiology, and simple yes-no questions. With a method in place, we can clear a trapped emotion in minutes to help the body re-balance itself.


The Emotion Code Chart

To locate the trapped emotions, Dr. Nelson has constructed a chart that lists sixty emotions. With it, one can quickly ascertain the offending “feelings,” described as grapefruit-size “balls of energy.”

The chart is divided lengthwise into two columns: A and B. It is further divided into six rows. This gives twelve boxes, each containing five emotions, for a total of sixty emotions.

The way it works:

  • First, establish your body’s response for “yes” and “no” using kinesiology.
  • Then ask your body, “Is the emotion in column A?” If the answer is “yes,” you’ve already eliminated half the chart.
  • To double-check yourself, ask, “Is the emotion in column B?” And you should receive a “no” response.
  • Proceed in the same way with the rows, first asking if the emotion is in an odd or even row.
  • If it is in an odd row, ask, “Is the emotion in row one?” Continue down the chart, until you come to the right row.
  • When you ascertain the correct box, ask, one-by-one, to see which of the five emotions in that box is a “yes.”

Box A-1, for example, lists the five emotions:

  1. Abandonment
  2. Betrayal
  3. Forlorn
  4. Lost
  5. Love Unreceived

So you would ask, “Is the emotion Abandonment? Betrayal? etc.,” until you receive a “yes” for a specific emotion. Again, double-check yourself to see it the other emotions in that box come up “no.”


Clearing the Trapped Emotion

Once you ascertain the emotion that needs to be cleared, you will ask, “Is there anything more we need to know about this emotion?”

If the answer is “no,” ask “Can we clear this emotion, now?”

The answer should be “yes.”

But if the Subconscious answers “yes” to the question: Is there anything more we need to know about this emotion, by the process of elimination, find out the age when the emotion was trapped. Ask questions such as, “Did this emotion occur between the ages of ….” until you receive an answer.

The age when the emotion was trapped could include in utero or the time of conception.

The Conscious Mind may, or may not, link the emotion to an event. In either case, once the age of the occurrence is established, the Subconscious is usually ready to release the emotion.

To clear the emotion, you will swipe a magnet, three times, (it can be a refrigerator magnet, or even your fingers, since we are all magnets) over your forehead to the back of your neck if you are acting as proxy for your dog. If your dog is right there next to you, you could run the magnet, or your fingers, over the top of his or her head, right down to the base of the tail.

To double-check, ask, “Has the emotion been released.”


Inherited Emotions

There are times when you will be led to a certain box on the chart and you will get “yes” to more than one of the emotions. In this case, you may be dealing with an inherited emotion. If the emotion is inherited, you will have to exactly establish where the emotion originated…asking if the forebear is the father? mother? maternal grandmother? grandfather? working by a process of elimination.

The inherited emotion can go back for generations and must be pinpointed for the emotion to be released. If the emotion originated many, many ancestors ago, you may find yourself asking, “ten generations?” “twenty?” until you get to the right individual in whom the emotion was trapped. But once that emotion is found and cleared, it will clear the entire line of ancestors down to the progeny of the dog, pet, or person you are clearing.

In order to clear an inherited emotion, twelve swipes of the magnet are needed.


Many, Many Trapped Emotions

There may be many, many emotions that need to be released before you can get to the bottom of the pile, so to speak. With an adult person, you could probably release an emotion a day, and one year later, you may be pretty clear.

The video below will give you more of an introduction to The Emotion Code by Dr. Nelson and covers some additional information that includes the Heart Wall, which is a particular grouping of trapped emotions.



Nikki and His Trapped Emotions

It took many sessions, and included the release of several heart walls, to finally arrive at Nikki’s Self Anger which was not only responsible for his canine osteosarcoma in this life, but for the squamous cell cancer in his toes in his last life. My guides have told me Nikki is a highly evolved soul who is cleaning house, preparing to be reincarnated as a human boy.

Below are my notes from the sessions in which Nikki’s Self Anger was finally accessed and released.


Nikki’s tumor is still growing rapidly. We have kept him from being in pain without medications, using The Emotion Code, the Iyashi zero point medallion, the Dinshah color method, and have begun radiation hormesis. Nikki will work with the weaker stones, but refuses the hotter stones that will aggressively work on the tumor. My guides say that he is still punishing himself for something he felt he did not do in a former life.

Nikki is heavily panting. He says something he ate bothered his tummy.

Nikki is telling me of a Heart Wall, made of woven thorns, he put in place 10 lives ago. It is 33” thick.

He has just released:

  • Crying
  • Abandonment: Heart Wall is now less that 15” thick.
  • Psychic trauma that included both Anger and Effort Unreceived. Releasing these emotions did not decrease the heart wall, however. It is still 15” thick.
  • Abandonment: this time it is an inherited emotion from father’s father in that life. The Heart Wall has receded to about 7 – 8” in thickness.
  • Anxiety: an emotion inherited on his mother’s side 9 generations back.  For some reason, he is telling me that it is going to take 24 strokes to release this.
  • This Heart Wall is now released.

My guides are telling me there is still another life that needs to be accessed. The trapped emotions are contributing to the tumor. I am being told to go back another 14 or 15 lives.

I ask Nikki if there are trapped emotions he wants to release from farther back.

“Yes,” he says.

I count backward to find a Heart Wall made of flat, rectangular stones of various heights that resemble the stelae of ancient times. They are arranged, without inscription, in a circle similar to stakes driven into the ground. This life is 14 lives ago in Ancient Egypt. The Heart Wall is 21” thick.

Nikki releases: Inherited Anger that goes back 9 generations on father’s side when he was his own ancestor. He tells me that it will take 36 strokes to release this Anger. My hair stands on end as the release is occurring.  The Heart Wall is released.

Nikki is resting. His Subconscious says he will accept using the “hotter” radiation hormesis rocks for the tumor.

Nikki is now asking to release a trapped emotion of Abandonment from the tumor area that he incurred in his present life. We release it.

The session has been heavy. We are both exhausted.



The tumor area looks less distended, less turgid. The area is weeping. Nikki asks to re-release the Anger from our last session. It takes 10 strokes to release.

He is, again, asking to release Anger.

I ask if this is the same anger.

“Yes,” he responds.

“Do you want to individually release this anger from each of the lives you have carried it?”


I count 43 lives. “Can we release the anger from all 43 lives at once?”


“Will that be adequate so that we don’t have to do them one at a time?”


It again takes 23 swipes to affect a release.

He says there is nothing more at this time.

“Does your spirit need to be reconnected to your injured leg?” I ask


It is reconnected with 14 strokes.

The foot to spirit energy is okay.

If I could have two wishes, first, I would wish that I had known about the Emotion Code before, or right when, Nikki was diagnosed with canine osteosarcoma. And second, I would wish that Nikki would have allowed me to access and release the pivotal trapped emotion of Self Anger that directly related to his cancer earlier.


The Emotion Code Chart can be found in
Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book The Emotion Code.


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