When reviewing labels on most commercial pet foods, you don’t have to look too far to question why your pet has a degenerative or immune related disease like dog bone cancer or canine osteosarcoma (K9 OSA).

Did you know that the major source of animal protein in most commercial dog food comes from dead stock removal operations, the so called 4D animals: Dead, Diseased, Dying or Disabled? These animals are sent to rendering plants for fat, hide, and meat removal. After being dowsed with charcoal and marked unfit for human consumption, the meat goes into pet food.

Animal protein in commercial pet food can include road kill, contaminated material from slaughter houses, even fecal matter, rendered cats and dogs, fur. hair, and poultry feathers, pet collars and plastic wrap.

This entire mess is heaped into batch cookers that are run continuously, non-stop, 24/7, as meat, fed into them, is melted away from the bones in the hot soup. The fat of yellow grease, or tallow, that rises to the top is skimmed off during the cooking process. The cooked meat and bone is then conveyed to a hammer mill press, to squeeze out the rest of the moisture and grind the remains into a gritty powder. Excess hair and large bone chips are sifted out by shaker screens. The end result is yellow grease and meat and bone meal, which is the animal protein that goes into your pet’s food.

One small rendering plant in Quebec, Canada, renders 10 tons of dogs and cats per week.

In December, 1995, The Journal of British Small Animal Practice published a paper saying that processed pet food suppressed the immune system and this leads to liver, kidney, heart, and other diseases.

Is anyone surprised?

When a pet is put down using the drug pentobarbital and the animal is sent (along with many others) to rendering plants to be recycled for pet food, the pentobarbital will stay in the pet food since it is a chemical that is very difficult to degrade. According to a University of Minnesota researcher, the sodium pentobarbital undergoes rendering without undergoing degradation.

And “vegetable protein” in commercial dog food is a misnomer. The mainstay of dry dog food includes yellow corn, wheat shorts and middlings, soya bean meal, rice casks, peanut meal and peanut shells, marked as cellulose on the label.

Many times, not much more than sweepings from milling room floors, the “vegetables” are stripped of their natural oils, the germ, the bran and deficient in healthy fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants.

Aluminum is added as a preservative to many canned and dried foods. Mercury is a problem in dried and canned fish foods, arsenic from crop spraying pesticides…

Fungi produce mycotoxins which are potentially deadly, and they multiply in moldy grains which are in pet foods. In 1994, Natures Recipe recalled tons of their dog food after dogs became ill from eating it. The food contained vomatoxins which is a very lethal mycotoxin from fungi.

Sodium nitrite is a common preservative, coloring agent and potential carcinogen. Other preservatives include Ethoxyquin, a quinoline-based antioxidant used as a food preservative (E324) and a pesticide (under commercial names such as “Stop-Scald”), an insecticide which has been linked to liver cancer. BHA, BHT are chemicals that are suspect of causing cancer. It is estimated that the average dog consumes as much a 26 pounds of these preservatives every year from eating commercial dog foods.

Many semi-moist products contain propylene glycol, the first cousin of antifreeze (ethylene glycol) that we place in our cars. And ethylene glycol is known to destroy red blood cells.

Lead is often seen in pet foods, even those that are made of livestock meat and bone meal. An MIT study, titled Lead in Animal Foods, found that a nine pound cat, fed on commercial pet food, ingests more lead than is deemed potentially toxic for a human child. So what’s in your dog’s diet? Are you feeding your dog cancer (K9 OSA)?



What’s Really in Pet Food?



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