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Nikki is an elegant, black Standard Poodle who has always held my heart in his exquisitely sculpted paws. He has reincarnated three times to be with me in my present life and has promised to return as long as I am on the earth.

Nik and I first met when Nikki was a twenty-one pound, black, miniature poodle, pining away in a local shelter. Our introduction was soon after I described my ideal dog to a friend. I felt an intense pull to visit the shelter which I resisted for two days. But on the third day, the force became overwhelming. Nikki’s silent call was not to be denied.

“Is he okay?” I asked the officer standing next to his cage. The dog I had pictured, a jet black, long legged, fiery, almond-eyed poodle was lying immobile on the floor of his pen.

“Oh, sure. Hey, Nikki, wanna go for a walk?”

Well, the Baryshnikov of poodles sprung into action. It had been his ecstatic, uncontrollable  leaping that broke the hip of his former owner’s eighty-year-old mother, landing him in the brig.

So Nikki came home with me, and this maniac with an extraordinary zest for life and huge, loving heart logged in twenty-four colorful years.

Before he left, I asked him to return as a Royal Standard Poodle. And he did. Some months later, Nik arrived. A puppy on steroids, he blossomed into a bigger than life, eighty pound, enthusiastic giant who hung with me for another seventeen plus years.

“Come back smaller next time, okay Nikki?” I instructed, expecting his return as a mini. But I should have given my boy better guidelines. The term “smaller” to Nikki was relative to his seventy pound brother Aaron, Nik’s soul extension who reincarnated in the same litter with Nikki.

Back for his second trip with me, it was Aaron who told me in no uncertain terms when they returned.

One day, while working at my computer, I heard rough-and-ready Aaron demanding, “We’re here. Where the hell are you!” Not something I expected to hear from a six-week-old puppy. After an intense hour of searching on my computer, I held the prize, a digital photo of my boys.

“Why in heaven’s name do you want two standard males from the same litter?” asked their reluctant breeder.

“Remember, you asked,” I said..

Nikki with his brother Aaron

Aaron and Nikki (right) on their latest “trip home.”

About Nikki’s Mom

Besides adoring her guys, Nikki’s Mom is a sensitive, a writer, publisher and an avid researcher in the area of holistic health and anti-aging. She moves heaven and earth to find answers and hope for her beloved dog’s bone cancer and offers her findings on NikkisStory.com

Editor and publisher of the holistic health/anti-aging So Young Newsletter, Nikki’s Mom has authored ten books, including, the channeled titles: Powerful Prayer Secrets, My Secret Life with an Angel: Earth in the Seventh Circle, and Power Color (coauthored with Hollye Davidson).

Her beauty classic Treat Your Face Like a Salad (alternately titled The Home Guide to Natural Beauty Care, Berkley Books: New York) was a featured alternate selection of the Doubleday Health Book Club.

Titles are listed on Amazon.com and directly available from Anti-Aging Press, Inc. by calling 305.662.3928.


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